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The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is the ultimate degree for anyone thinking of entrepreneurship ventures. It is also one very lucrative degree for business managers in already established companies seeking to engage well and suitably qualified managers to run the operations of the company.

The degree is appealing to many perhaps for obvious reasons. The program content is quite versatile and equips graduates with the most important principles of business management from accounting, human resource management, introductory economics to issues of corporate governance.

It is the degree of choice for persons wishing to venture into entrepreneurship.

Financial Prospects

The Bachelor of Business Administration opens the graduates to a spectrum of options. A holder of this degree can work literally in any industry at senior management level. Most importantly though, it is the prospects for entrepreneurship and self-employment that the degree presents the holder with, that brings about major financial prospects.

The degree equips graduates with important entrepreneurship skills that they would probably not need to be seeking employment upon graduating with the degree rather, with the entrepreneurship skills they gain, they would be seeking capital to commence their businesses.

The program is tailored to training entrepreneurs and not so much people seeking employment. Some of the career prospects available to graduates of the Business Administration degree are, but not limited to the following:

  1. Accounting
  2. Marketing and sales
  3. Production and logistics
  4. Controlling and auditing; and
  5. Human resource management.

Because of the prospects of self-employment, this presents an opportunity for the perpetual existence of the business once established and properly managed. Unless one simply desires to step aside from the management of the business they establish, there is really no retirement for one with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

The degree is ideal for both school leavers, those contemplating changing careers and those not decided on what they would like to do for their career. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Lusaka Goldsmiths University is robust. One would not make a mistake starting their journey to entrepreneurship and self-employment with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from LGU School of Business.

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