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COMPUTER SCIENCE – Career Guidance


Personal desire

Today anyone with a gift of discernment into what the future looks like, would not be wrong to advice another to venture into a career that involves computer science. The world is fast transitioning to virtual systems of conducting almost every aspect of life. Those with computer science skills will be the most sought after professionals than any other.

To those finishing their secondary schools and those seeking a new career, computer science is increasingly becoming the career of choice. Technology is taking center stage in every sphere of life and only those with technological acumen will have an upper hand in almost every aspect of life.

The desire therefore is very high for people to venture into computer science as a career partly, for the love of technological advancements and of course for better employability and entrepreneurial prospects.

Financial Prospects  

Businesses today have gravitated to virtual operations. Businesses globally are investing substantially in ICT systems and technologies. A career in computer science presents unlimited opportunities both as an employee and entrepreneurship.   

A degree in Computer Science will give the graduate an opportunity of entrepreneurship ventures through the different courses on the program tailored at inculcating entrepreneurship skills in the graduates. There are vast entrepreneurship opportunities for holders of the Bachelor of Computer Science degree. Among them but not limited to them, are the following:

  1. Mobile App development
  2. Software Development
  • Digital Marketing Services
  1. Digital Application Designing
  2. Game Development
  3. Network Security; etc.

Any of the enterprising ventures above would earn Computer Science graduates substantial economic gains.

Further, the advent of cybercrime, entails for most companies a need to invest heavily in computer technologies that would be able to detect the risks of such crimes and establish measures to curb them. The Computer Science degree equips students just with such skills making the graduates of the degree to be highly sought after in the business world and in government alike.

For school leavers and those at cross-roads with which career direction to take, you may take a venture into computer science. Get your Computer Science degree with LGU School of Science and Technology and embark on a life changing career.


A career in Technology is one where people do not retire from. With continuous innovation on new technologies, a person pursuing a career in this field would continue in entrepreneurship ventures later in their lives and the businesses established would become self-sustaining.

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